Scott G Series Fly Rods

Scott G Series rods are highly evolved medium action fly rods, descendant of the great G2 Series and the original Scott G of the 80s and 90s.  The new Scott G casts with similar cadence to its predecessors, but with greater stability, less swing weight, greater feel and a more finely tuned loading dynamic for superior range both long and short.  Stunning in appearance, scintillating in the cast and even better on the water, the Scott G is the once and future king of trout rods.

Experienced trout anglers know that tough fish are generally caught with less heralded techniques, such as slack line casts and line mends.  The G Series will be loved for its casting qualities, but will outfish competitors by winning the presentation challenge with superior line control.  Considering fly rods as “all around fishing tools,” the Scott G Series is the one tool that every angler simply must have in the quiver.

Some anglers jokingly ask if a new fly rod will actually “catch more fish.”  This time, the answer is YES.

G Series Components
Reel Seats:  Self indexing machined aluminum, anodized matte black with Micarta spacers
Cork Grips:  Flor grade with Scott Finish Cork
Stripping Guides:  SiC in titanium frames
Snake Guides:  Snake Brand Universal