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The Scott T3H represents decades of dedication to producing the finest two-handed rods on the market.  Featuring Scott’s Expanded Core (X-Core) Technology, the T3H provides anglers with incredible tracking and feel.  Rods built with X-Core technology are built on fast-taper mandrels with low-mass blank walls.  You’ll notice when looking at the T3H (and other Scott rods with X-Core) that the diameter of the butt sections are larger than your average fly rod and taper faster to the tip.  The larger diameter blanks improve rod stability over smaller diameter blanks and the thin walls produce unparalleled feel.  The blank walls are reinforced with Scott’s ARC (Advanced Reinforced Carbon).  This allows Scott to produce rods with thin but strong blank walls without adding weight.  ARC increases hoop strength and aids in minimizing the torque that comes with changes in direction that may result in decreased casting accuracy.

These technological advances have resulted in rods that exhibit more power, more stability and more sensitivity than previous models.  The T3H possesses a stiffer tip than the T2H and anglers have found that they acheive more distance with less effort with the T3H.  While the T3H has the guts to handle Skagit lines with aplomb, it also casts switch and spey lines of all kinds extremely well.  So whether you are swinging high-density sink tips, fishing heavy nymph rigs or skating dries, there is a rod in the T3H series for you.

T3H rods feature Mil Spec III hardcoat reel seats and Scott Ti titanium guide sets for reducing weight, increasing durability and resisting corrosion.

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