Winston Saltwater Air Fly Rods

The Saltwater Air Series are highly refined rods that any angler will enjoy casting. Winston anglers will likely consider these to be the best saltwater rods that Winston has ever designed. Since the wave-making BL-5 of the 1990s, Winston has consistently produced fine saltwater fly rods that fly under the radar because they do not push the super-fast action margin in the way that Sage and Loomis rods trend. True to Winston’s identity, these are rods that we “choose to fish” rather than “are forced to fish.” Appropriate to their purpose, Air Saltwater rods are much stiffer in the mid section than Air freshwater rods. They bear little semblance to the freshwater models, except in delivering exceptional feel to the caster. These are fast, but not extra-fast.

Like most Winston rods, Air Saltwater models are highly responsive to line selection. They become something exquisite when paired with right line but may also be rendered unfishable when the line is carelessly chosen. Our preferences for line choices run askance those of the Winston company, so make sure to consult us for any given rod model.