Winston Pure Fly Rods

The aptly named Pure Series truly captures the essence of the Winston legacy. These are medium-slow action rods in the modern spectrum, finely tuned from tip to butt with even-flexing progressive actions and superb touch at all distances. Like other slower action fly rods, there will be days with too much wind for the Pure Series. There will be situations that call for heavy nymphs or streamers, for which the Pure Series is simply not designed. There will be situations in which the trout are simply too far away. When conditions allow, however, we reach for these rods because they make us smile. These are rods with identity, personality and nuance. In fly fishing, there is simply nothing more satisfying than choosing your nuance.

Many anglers will wonder how the Pure Series compares with hallmark Winstons of the past, including the WT and LT Series, no longer in production. The overall flex profile of the Pure Series lies between these historical rods. Notably lighter in hand, the Pure Series has that “fairy dust feel” that Winston has delivered in their signature fly rods over the years. If you loved those, you will love these. The advancements are tangible, the identity unmistakable.