9′ 5-WT 4-pc NRX 1085-4 LP


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Product Description

NRX 1085-4 LP

9’0″ 5-wt, 4-pc rod

The NRX 1085-4 LP offers superb line control for long leader presentations with small flies.  It is also a superb roll caster, making it valuable rod for anglers who fish any small and medium sized rivers.



  1. The NRX LP 9′ 5-wt has become one of my favorite trout rods. The casting action is completely unique. It flexes much deeper than the standard NRX Trout models, but recovers so quickly that it generates just as much line speed. Casting this rod feels like pulling back a slingshot with extra long rubber bands, or rowing a racing skull with long oars. I can feel the line loading the rod better than any 5-weight I have ever cast. What an amazing feeling! Because the rod flexes deeply, it seems to have a longer connection with the line. This offers tremendous loop control for both artistic dry fly casts and awkward nymph rigs. The “springy” recovery action generates much more line speed than you would guess. This, combined with the aforementioned loop control, makes it astoundingly easy to cast for distance. As one of our shop staff put it, “It just keeps going!”

    The NRX LP 5-weight will handle any fly line of standard weight. I prefer the longer tapers, because they accentuate the feeling of “extra connectivity” that I get from this rod. Short heads are fine, too, but I don’t recommend overlining the rod or choosing lines with bulky, heavy heads (Rio Grand, Titan Taper, etc). My favorites: SA Mastery Trout Taper (all versions), Rio Perception.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
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