9′ 8-WT 4-pc NRX 1088-4


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Product Description

NRX 1088-4 Saltwater

9’0″ 8-wt, 4-pc rod

The NRX 1088-4 is perhaps the finest pure-casting saltwater 8-wt on the market.  Lightness, line speed and accuracy are simply unsurpassed.



  1. Some of my saltwater fishing buddies claim this is the best 8-wt of all time. I cast it for the first time this year and think they could be right. The Sage ONE 890-4 feels slightly more stable and the Scott S4S casts with unequaled ease, but for overall power and line speed, I would take the NRX.

    Like the trout models in this series, the saltwater 1088-4 casts equally well both short and long. This is a tremendous benefit in saltwater, because short shorts are common. A beautiful casting loop seems to form from 20′ to 60′, and if you arialize 60′, another 30-40′ will leap out of the rod. You just can’t cast this rod and not be impressed.

    For the NRX 1088-4, I strongly recommend a saltwater line with a full weight forward head, rather than a short headed line. This rod loads so easily that the caster will gain more control and velocity with a slightly longer head. The Rio Bonefish and SA Sharkwave Saltwater lines are excellent choices.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
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