F2 602/3


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Product Description

6’0″ 2-wt 3-piece 1.6 oz rod

The difference between the Fibertouch Series and F2 Series may be felt most easily in the lightest model.  The Scott F2 602/3 is much lighter and sweeter.  This is, perhaps, the finest ultra light fly rod Scott has ever made.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    F2 602-3: Oh yes, a 6’ fly rod that does not feel stubby. I bet this model was Jimmy Bartschi’s greatest design challenge for 2011. Boy, did he nail it. The F2 602-3 is for fishing dry flies (only) from zero to 30 feet. It will cast farther, but not happily.

    Fly line recommendation: I tested it with a Scientific Anglers XPS line, which felt terrific. A Rio Trout LT would match just as well. Leader length can’t much exceed 9 feet with this rod.

    John Duncan - Telluride Angler
  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    The single best light rod I have ever fished. It took me a full hour to realize how much I could rely on the rod to do the work, but when I finally waited for it to load, the WHOLE rod loaded, and the cast was intense. Landed a 16″ native rainbow and it handled it perfectly. A wonderful, wonderful product.

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