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Product Description

7’0″ 3-wt 3-piece 1.9 oz rod

The Scott F2 703/3 is the most versatile rod in the F2 series.  The combination of length (7’0″ is pretty much perfect for creeks and beaver ponds), lightness (still sub-2oz.) makes the F2 703/3 the right tool for the job.


  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    F2 703-3: I expected this rod to be my favorite, just like in the previous Fibertouch Series. Upon casting it, though, I found it to be slightly faster action than the other rods in the F2 series. It is still a magnificent caster, but in my hands, it feels slightly quicker than the others. This does not meet my personal preferences. The other F2 series rods are lighter but slower than the models they replaced. This one is lighter, but about the same overall action. If I weren’t comparing it to the others, I would probably love this rod. The F2 703-3 is undoubtedly more versatile than the F2 653-3, but I prefer the action of the 653-3.

    Fly line recommendation: I would fish this with an SA GPX or Rio Gold to slow down the rods action. Either at WF3 or DT3 will fish just fine on the rod.

    John Duncan - Telluride Angler
  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    First of all, special thanks to all the terrific people at TA, especially Allie, Troy, and Parker !! It says something when a resident of Mt buys his rods from a Co fly shop. All of the people above went Way above & beyond to get a new rod in my hands in 2 days for a fishing vacation!
    As for the rod itself, I was between a 774 & the 703, and Troy actually asked me to call him so we could talk, & explained why I should go with this rod. As I said, exceeds all expectations. While I fish it mostly in the 14-25′ range, it will certainly go much farther with ease, but it lays down a fly like a feather in close. And it flexes (and feels) far below the 1/2 way point under the stresses of a 14″ wild brown trout ! That’s about the “norm” for the fish I expect on the streams I bought it for, & never think twice about 6X. But, I am completely confident it will protect 7X against a 2-3# wild spring creek trout. I like it best with a Rio Gold WF3, and don’t feel like I’m over lining the rod when I’m casting <30'. In the 12 to 25' range I like the way that line lays down & turns over my furled leaders. I haven't tried it with 2 flies or any sort of weighted nymph, that's not why I bought it so can't really comment, but I'm pretty sure it would be excellent for relatively close unweighted (or slightly weighted) upstream sight nymphing. Largest fish so far has been a 15" cutthroat, and a good number of wild browns in the 12-14" class. Without question, the rod has the ability to handle significantly larger and stronger fish, and will certainly protect fine tippets as well.

    Don W
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