Sage 390-4 MOD


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Product Description

Sage 390-4 MOD fly rod

9’0″ 3-weight 4-pc fly rod

The Sage 390-4 MOD is a wonderful dry fly rod with just enough backbone to fish dry-droppers and light nymph rigs.  Its real forte is with single dries, however.


  1. This is my 2nd favorite rod in the series. I expected this 9’ rod to feel tip-heavy and bouncy, but it is neither. The physical lightness of the tip offers a magic wand feel that makes this rod possible. With that out of the way, the 390-4 Mod is a sensational caster from 20’ to 60’. It roll casts like a dream and offers stability and loop control for precise, consistent long leader presentations. Like the 290-4, I would specifically recommend the 390-4 Mod for technical dry fly fishing because that’s where it really excels.

    Line suggestions: RIO Lightline, SA Trout Taper, RIO Trout LT

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This rod is really sweet and I still can’t decide which one I preferred between this one and the four weight. The 390 loaded and unloaded incredibly smoothly and encouraged the caster to load the rod into the butt through the casting stroke. The sweet spot on the rod seemed to run from cork to tip top. It was truly fun to cast and I didn’t want to put it down. My top pick in the line up for a technical dry fly stick.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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