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Product Description

Sage 691-4 X Fly Rod    (Full Wells Grip, anodized reel seat and fighting butt)

9’0″ 6-wt, 2 15/16 oz.        Unconditional Lifetime Warranty       Comes with high quality logoed aluminum case and partitioned cloth liner

• KonneticHD Technology®
• Black Spruce blank color
• Dark Green thread wraps with Metallic Grey trim wraps
• Fuji ceramic stripper guides
• Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top
• Freshwater 3 – 6 weights: Vera wood insert with Stealth Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat, Flor grade snub nosed half-wells cork handle

• Saltwater 5-10 weights: Stealth Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat, integrated hidden hook keeper in reel seat,
Flor quality full-wells cork handle with EVA fighting butt

• Laser etched line weight on slide band
• Black rod bag with Titanium logo and Black Spruce model tag
• Evergreen powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion
• Handcrafted on Bainbridge Island, USA


  1. Sage 691-4 X: Somehow, this rod casts with greater lightness and tip feel than the 690-4. In fact, I found it to be downright amazing with both the Rio Perception and Rio Bonefish lines, showing the rod’s versatility in line pairing and fishing applications. On rare occasion, I have found high line class trout rods that actually generate greater line speed at distance without the assistance of a double haul. This is one of those rods. The 691-4 ONE rod was perhaps the most acclaimed in the series. The 691-4 X is superior in every comparison: line speed, loop control, roll casting and mending, casting range and, characteristic of the whole series, feel.

    Lines: Rio Gold, Rio Outbound, Rio Grand, SA MPX, SA GPX, SA Big Fly Taper SA Sonar Stillwater, SA Sonar sink tips

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This is another rod in the lineup that I’m looking at putting into my personal rod quiver. I have fished a ONE 691 since it was released and I have really enjoyed that rod, but the entire time I’ve owned and fished the rod I’ve treated it like a 7 weight and generally fished a 7 weight line on it. It’s caught bonefish, redfish, carp, bass, big trout and a whole host of other fish I’ve honestly forgotten about. What I’ve never really done with it is used it as a 6 weight rod for nymphing for trout, something I like to do with a 6 rather than a 5. I always felt like the One 691 was too stiff for my tastes in a nymphing scenario. Arriving in Orlando I went over to the X 691 immediately to size it up. I had walked the beach for snook with the ONE 691 the day before. Immediately I noticed this rod had the magic wand feeling of the X 590. It cast intuitively at all distances, it roll cast and mended expertly, felt light in the hand, swung light through the cast and put the fly where I expected without having to think too hard about it. I loved it right away. This is the top end Sage trout 6 weight that I had been looking for and turned out to be my favorite of the 6 weights. I don’t have any plans of getting rid of the ONE 691, but I do have plans on picking up the X 691 for that extra bit of rod when I’m nymphing and fishing streamers. This is a very impressive rod that loads and unloads evenly and smoothly and remains supremely stable at all distances with all types of casting strokes. A standout in a lineup that is very impressive.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
  3. Best six weight I’ve owned! The Sage X 691 is a sweet, sweet rod! Paired with a Hatch 5Plus, it balances well and has served me as my heavy nymphing, big water GP rod without fail. I have cast the 690 X, and owned/sold the 7100 X. The Sage 691 is my keeper!

    Robert Anderson
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