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Product Description

Sage Salt HD 1191-4 fly rod

9’0″ 11-weight, 4 15/16 oz., 4-piece fly rod with case and liner

Note:  This model comes with a regular Wells and extended foregrip


  1. I prefer the 1191-4, which has an extended foregrip, over the 1190-4 in this series. In this case, the 1191-4 seems to possess greater stability in the lower mid-section when casting. The Sage guys disagree with me on this point, but with heavy-headed tarpon lines, the 1190-4 seems to wander off axis with an inaccurate result. Both the 1190-4 and 1191-4 load easier than their predecessors in the Salt Series. I suspect that all anglers will find these rods to be more approachable and fundamentally easier to cast.

    The 1191-4 will handle normal tarpon tapers (Rio Tarpon and SA Tarpon), plus a full complement of sinking saltwater lines.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. I much preferred the Salt HD 1191 to the 1190. I’m generally not fan of extended fighting grips while casting, although I think they look mean as hell on the rod. The 1191 was more stable and controlled the Rio Tarpon line much better than the 1190. Even though I didn’t necessarily like the line, that line made my preference for the extended fighting grip clear on the 11 and 12. My favorite 11 weight from Sage is still the X rod. Choose the Salt HD 1191 for added durability and shear strength when yarding on large fish. This rod would make an excellent rod for chasing GTs on foot in the Pacific. For GT go with the lighter 400Grain line. For Tarpon I’d select the Rio Technical Tarpon WF11F, the SA Tarpon WF11F or the SA Sonar Saltwater Intermediate WF11I.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
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