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Product Description

Sage Salt HD 1291-4 fly rod

9’0″ 12-weight, 5 1/16 oz., 4-piece fly rod with case and liner

Note:  This model comes with a regular Wells grip and extended foregrip


  1. This is one of the few cases in which I prefer the extended foregrip version of a tarpon rod over the model with the conventional Wells grip. There is a noticeable difference in action – the extended foregrip model (1291-4 Salt HD) is more stable and accurate. It just casts better than the 1290-4. This rod will handle any tarpon-style line, whether floating or sinking.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. Better than the 1290 in my opinion and the extended grip looks like it means business. The Salt HD 1291 cast and carried line in the air very well. This will be Sage’s flagship 12 weight, capable of putting a hurting on big tarpon, GTs, wahoo, and a lot of fish you probably should never cast a fly to. I still put this rod in the category of fish fighting tool rather than a casters rod, but that tends to be the nature of the 12 weight. If you’re looking for a big tarpon or GT rod, the Salt HD 1291 should be at the top of your list. For lines I recommend the Rio GT 475grain, the Rio Direct Core Flats Pro WF12F, and the Rio Tarpon Quickshooter WF12F.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
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