Salt HD 1686-4


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Product Description

Sage Salt HD 1686-4 fly rod

8’6″ 16-weight, 6 5/8 oz., 4-piece fly rod with case and liner

Note:  This model comes with a regular Wells grip and extended foregrip


  1. Like the Salt HD 1386, the 1686 casts like a fly rod. This thing is a stick though and if I had to rob a bank with a fly rod, I’d probably pick this thing up. Like all the Salt HD rods, the 1686 is meticulously and purposefully built for spending a life at sea. This is another rod that I probably won’t ever have a chance to fish, but I sure would like to, or at the least have a beer with the guy that gets to fish this thing. Sharks, marlin, tuna and other fish that are generally exceptions to a fly rod’s ability should be the target of this immensely powerful fly rod.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
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