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Product Description

Sage Salt HD 790-4 fly rod

9’0″ 7-weight, 3 7/8 oz., 4-piece fly rod with case and liner


  1. One of my two favorite rods in the series, the 790-4 Salt HD is the next in a long line of fantastic 7-weights from Sage. The Sage 790-4 X is also an outstanding fly rod. The Salt HD feels like it was built for a more singular purpose (saltwater), whereas the lightness of the X makes it seem like a freshwater rod that would chip in for saltwater duty when called upon. The 790-4 Salt HD loads and casts short, as a 7-weight should, but also displays spectacular range. It casts beautiful loops with very different fly lines (I tried both a Rio Bonefish and Rio Flats Pro, which has a much heavier head). There was no distance at which the rod didn’t feel fantastic. This is a powerful fly rod, but very easy to cast. In the industry, a lot of people are saying that “a 7-weight is the new 8-weight.” This rod exemplifies that trend. It feels like a 7-weight, but the caster easily generates 8-weight casting power.

    Lines: All of our favorites pair well with this rod. Choose a Rio Flats Pro for fast loading and maximum leader turnover. For more delicate presentations, Rio and SA Bonefish tapers offer better loop control and softer laydown. This rod will be popular for non-flats species, as well. Be confident that it will handle any 7-weight fly line, whether floating or sinking, freshwater or salt.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This rod rocked my world! I absolutely love a 7 weight line and I really like the trend in the industry of making 7 weights that do the work of 8 weights from 10 years ago. The Konnetic HD material is second to none. I fell in love with the material with the X series and the X 790 has been my go to flats rod in 2017. I spent a week in Belize with the X 790 and was under the impression this was Sage’s best Saltwater 7, until I got my hands on the Salt HD 790. The Salt HD 790 feels more substantial in the hand and imparts confidence to the caster with added stability in the lower end on the rod. Loop shape was exceptional at all distances and flat out made me giddy while casting this rod. The tip felt slightly softer than the Salt, but the upper third of the rod was proportionately stiffer resulting in flat loops that traveled off the tip nice and level with a lot of line speed. The rod handled both long bonefish style heads and shorter heavier heads with ease. There are lots of rods out there that can handle different lines, but I believe the Salt HD and the X rods from Sage handle these different lines better than most. I didn’t have to change my casting stroke or cadence to accommodate the heavier lines. The rod seems to adjust between these line automatically. For the fisherman, this aspect allows the angler to fine tune the rod according to the situation. Think about fishing a shorter heavier headed line when you’re wading and taking shots inside of 40 feet quickly. Change the line when you’re on the bow of a skiff for longer shots and greater line pickup for quick second casts. I see the Salt HD 790 as a finely tuned flats tool that will allow most anglers to fish a lighter 7 weight line where they would usually reach for their 8 or 9 weight.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
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