Salt HD 990-4


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Product Description

Sage Salt HD 990-4 fly rod

9’0″ 9-weight, 4 1/16 oz., 4-piece fly rod with case and liner


  1. Side-by-side with the 7-weight, this is my favorite rod in the series. There are lighter 9-weights on the market, but possibly none that match the overall power and ability to throw a wicked wedge of the 990-4 Salt HD. This rod loves an aggressive headed fly line and responds well to power, but is much easier to cast than most previous Sage saltwater fly rods. As a trout angler for whom saltwater rods normally require an adjustment period, the rod fell into my hands naturally and seemed to cast itself. Experienced Sage rod anglers who love the raw power of the Method and Xi3 will be blown away by how easily this rod exceeds the horsepower of any predecessor.

    Line pairing: The Salt HD 990-4 will respond to anything you ask, but casts best with a Rio Flats Pro, SA Grand Slam or other aggressively tapered saltwater line. I don’t recommend the Rio Bonefish Quickshooter, but only because I don’t care for the line’s presentation qualities. The rod will throw it all day. Rio and SA Bonefish tapers cast better than a Rio Permit line on this rod because you get to the back taper more quickly and take advantage of this rod’s spectacular shooting ability.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This is one outstanding 9 weight! I was very impressed with how easily this rod cast and formed effortless, level loops at all distances. In a 9 weight, I want increased power into the wind and extra heft in the lower end for turning larger fish, but that same rod must lay the line down lightly. The Salt HD 990 delivered! Loop control and line speed were intuitive and automatic. The Salt HD 990 feels a shade lighter in the hand and two shades lighter through the casting stroke than its predecessor. I also felt like the Salt HD threw a tighter loop with more line speed than the Salt. The Salt HD 990 is my top choice for a permit rod from Sage. This rod strikes a balance between the uncompromising line speed of the Method and the casting ease of the Salt 990. Long, delicate presentations and quick one-shot casts into a stiff breeze with a crab pattern are situations where this rod will shine. If you are a permit angler who’s fishing an older Sage 10 weight, consider upgrading your gear and dropping a line weight to the Salt HD 990. We cast the Rio Permit and the new Rio Flats Pro. Both lines cast wonderfully on the rod and like the rest of the Salt HD lineup, the 990 handled the different head weights and shapes without missing a beat.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
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