Scott Flex 1008-4


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Product Description

Scott Flex 1008-4

10’0″ 8-weight, 4-piece fly rod      Unconditional Lifetime Warranty, comes with high quality cordura-covered logo case

The Scott Flex 1008-4 is the best all-around steelhead and salmon rod in the series, capable of handling most water conditions and a wide range of both floating and sink tip lines.


  1. FX 1008-4: While this model can’t be considered light in weight, its command and power will make it highly popular among winter steelhead anglers. Loop control, ability to hold up a long back cast, roll casting ability, line mending and fly steering capability are all strengths of the Flex 1008-4. This rod, like the 1006-4 and 1007-4, has real guts in the mid section. We tested the model with the SA Mastery “Big Fly Taper and found no wobble in the casting and excellent line turnover.

    Line pairings (all WF8): Rio Gold (InTouch or regular), SA MPX, SA GPX Sharkwave, Rio InTouch Nymph Taper, Rio Salmo/Steelhead, Rio StreamerTip, SA Sonar Stillwater, SA Sonar Freshwater Sink Tip, SA Steelhead Taper, SA Mastery Distance Taper

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. Another very well put together and balanced long rod. The 1008 was noticeably heavier than the 1007 and felt like a rod that wasn’t meant to be thrown at a trout. This is definitely a Salmon or Steelhead single hander. Casting stability mirrored the 1007. Reach for this rod when you’re getting away from summer runs and you’re starting to target some winter run chrome.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
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