Scott Flex 905-4


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Product Description

Scott Flex 905-4

9’0″ 5-weight, 4-piece fly rod      Unconditional Lifetime Warranty, comes with high quality cordura-covered logo case

The Scott Flex 905-4 is the torch bearer for the series, a top quality bomber that will become the go-to rod for thousands of trout anglers.  There’s nothing this rod can’t do, and you’ll love how it feels and casts regardless of your rigging.


  1. FX 905-4: This rod evolved a bit from the first prototype to the finished article. Originally, the FX 905-4 erred on the strong side, like a 6-weight masked as a 5-weight. Bartschi lightened up the tip-mid, however, to allow the same ease of casting found in the other models. Now, the Flex 905-4 casts with the ease of a 4-weight and power of a 6-weight. It is much better at distance than its A4 predecessor and offers terrific stability and accuracy throughout its range. This is a rod that will be equally suited to streamer and nymph techniques as to dry fly fishing. Line pairings: Rio Gold, Perception, Aqualux sinking lines and the full complement of sink tips. SA MPX, Trout Taper, Sonar Uniform Sink, Stillwater and Sonar Sink Tips will all fish nicely on this rod.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. The Scott Flex 905 is exactly what you would expect from Scott in their mid priced all around trout rod. This rod features a very friendly action across a wide range of casting strokes that is pleasantly fast while not feeling too stiff to work in close. The caster can access the lower third of the blank readily and the rod is comfortable carrying line out of the tip. Stability is a word I use a lot talking about the Flex rods and the 590 is a prime example. This stability encourages the caster to feel comfortable and confident carrying more line in the air. The Flex 590 is a more than suitable replacement for the well loved A4 905. Slightly quicker, noticeably lighter in the hand and noticeably more stable. If you’re looking for a new all around trout rod, or maybe your first trout rod, this Colorado built stick is really hard to pass up at $475.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
  3. What can I say? The people at Scott knocked this one out the park! Used it yesterday for the first time here in SW PA on a beautiful trout stream in Farmington, PA. Fished a dual nymph rig of a scrambled egg fly and a green beadhead hare’s ear nymph. Had a fish within a few minutes and the rod handled the 18 inch rainbow beautifully. Could feel everything the fish was doing and brought it with no issues. The rod casts just magnificent and I really loves the ease of roll casting with this rod. I have the 906 and I am sure I will be giving John at Telluride Angler a call for the 904 in the next couple of months! Best in class for this rod at this price point and it seems like a steal! Tight Lines!!

    Jim (Coach)
  4. Outstanding! I echo the above sentiment: Expect a light-in-the-hand, progressive medium fast action that is crisp and springy, but definitely not too stiff. As the gentlemen from TA correctly explained, it possesses the stability and smooth/seamless progression allowing you to access the lower portions of the blank. You will feel a smooth springiness that is achieved without dead spots in the blank. Achieving all of this with today’s higher modulus graphite in a four piece 9’ 5wt configuration is no easy feat. To me, the perfect line is the SA Amplitude or Mastery Trout tapers. Not using a true-to-line-weight/long belly fly line, would dampen/degrade the performance of the rod, in my humble opinion. Thanks TA and Scott!

    Brian from PA
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