Scott Flex 955-4


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Product Description

AVAILABILITY NOTE:  Telluride Angler attempts to stock all Scott fly rods.  In this time of unprecedented demand, Scott has made the difficult decision to postpone the production of all Flex models until late fall.   We are out of this model, but would like to recommend the following alternatives which are either in stock or coming into stock this summer.  Please consult for specific availability.

Best alternatives
Scott Centric 955-4  $895

Scott Flex 955-4

9’6″ 5-weight, 4-piece fly rod      Unconditional Lifetime Warranty, comes with high quality cordura-covered logo case

The Scott Flex 955-4 is a superb big water stick, especially for the wading or float tube angler.  The extra reach assists with distance casting, high sticking, line mending and roll casting.


  1. FX 955-4: This model relates to the 1004-4 and 1005-4 more than the 956-4 and 1006-4. It is medium action with lots of tip play, but still quite stable, castable and fishable. Roll casting and line mending are a dream. The rod feels neither light nor heavy when overhead casting. The patient action is made practical by the rod’s stability. I prefer this model to the 1005-4 for its lower swing weight, but neither are favorites in the series. I feel differently about the 956-4, 1006-4 and 1007-4.

    Line pairings: Rio Gold, Rio Perception, Aqualux Sinking Lines, SA Trout Taper, SA Sonar Sink Tips

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. The Scott Flex 955 is a very different rod from the other 9 foot 6 inch rods in the lineup. Noticeably light in the hand it swings effortlessly and hides its extra length through the fly cast. The tip is nice and soft but still has enough substance to throw nice flat loops. The action of this rod is slightly slower and feels a touch softer than the 905 and this is purpose driven. The Flex 955 was built as a trout nymphing rod and as a result this rod is terrific roll caster and mending tool. This rod is outfitted with a small fighting butt like the 6, 7, and 8 weights. Overall I preferred the 956.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
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