Scott G Series 883-4


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Product Description

Scott G Series 883-4  fly rod

8’8″ 3-weight, 4-piece rod

The Scott GS 883-4 somehow improves upon its predecessor the G2 883-4.  It flexes slightly deeper in the blank, but generates more line speed with less casting effort.  Loop control is truly unmatched in this exquisite fly rod.  The GS 883-4 handles extra long dry leaders with ease and protects 7X tippet even in strong currents.


  1. Successor to a legendary fly rod, we approached this model with substantial trepidation. We were greatly surprised and relieved to find that it surpasses the great G2 883-4 in every regard. Somehow, the GS 883-4 is lighter and more accurate. The casting action is even more progressive than the G2 883-4, allowing the dry fly angler to enjoy the springy action on casts of any length. This rod feels “connected” to its fly line in a way that is hard to describe. The original G 883 was a remarkable rod. The G2 883-4 was regarded by many as the finest 3-weight ever designed. The new GS 883-4 rises above them both. It will handle any popular 3-weight line, but we prefer those with a long head, including the SA Trout Taper, Rio Technical Trout, Rio Trout LT and Rio Gold.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. Straight up, the G2 883/4 is one of my favorite fly rods. I love that rod and I was not looking forward to casting a rod that replaced the irreplaceable. But I picked up the GS 883 and it was all I’ve ever wanted. This is a rod that can read your mind. All the loop shapes and line speeds are easily attained and easily controlled. The GS 883 lays line down with a smoothness akin to wiping an eyelash off your lady’s cheek. The flex profile, the recovery speed, the progressive action all came together in a beautiful harmony of fly line and smiles. Just go cast one, you owe it to yourself. I like the Rio Gold and the SA Mastery Trout on this sweet stick.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
  3. Truly, the crown jewel of my quiver. I live near Telluride Angler and I’m hard pressed to pick a local spot (San Miguel, Dolores, Lower Dolores) where the 883 isn’t the heart and soul of a great day. Our family calls this the “Lower D” rod and two of us own (and fish as many days as we possible can with) this exact setup. On a technical tailwater like the Lower Dolores, it outright shines. This rod does everything I ask of it in the ranges where most fish are caught, and as soon as what I asked pays off, I’m all grins. Currently paired with the SA Amplitude Smooth Trout on a Ross Colorado LT 0-3.

    Eric Muller
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