Scott G Series 884-4


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Product Description

Scott G Series 884-4  fly rod

8’8″ 4-weight, 4-piece rod

The Scott GS 884-4 continues Scott’s legacy of designing spectacular 8’8″ fly rods.  Perfect in balance and loading characteristics, this rod casts dry flies and light dry dropper rigs effortlessly and is long enough to handle a full nymph/indicator rig on medium sized water.


  1. For obvious reasons, we were scared to cast this rod. It seemed highly likely that the GS 884-4 would offer some form of disappointment compared with its unrivaled predecessor. Casting the GS 884-4 allowed us to accept that Bartschi had actually made quantitative improvements in design, and that the whole family of new rods was likely to surpass the previous generation. The GS 884-4 is clearly superior in stability and resulting accuracy to the G2 884-4. Lovers of the original will find the new model to swing lighter and form more consistent loops with a wider variety of lines. We love the Rio Technical Trout and SA Trout Taper on this rod (and on every rod in the series), but the GS 884-4 also pairs nicely with a Rio Perception, Rio Gold or Rio Trout LT.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. The G2 884 was the favorite all around trout 4 weight at the Telluride Angler for many years. Obviously, we were skeptical that the new rod could improve upon its predecessor. Well, skeptics can kick rocks. The GS 884 is surprisingly superior in every way. The GS 884 is lighter, throws a wider variety of loop shapes, including tight loops, and feels livelier and more springy without being bouncy. You can notice these changes with the simple waggle test. Hold the GS 884 and the G2 884 side by side. Without a line or reel on the rod, waggle both and notice how quickly the GS 884 comes back to static. The difference is remarkable. When casting the GS 884, the caster drives the loop backwards and feels confidence exude through the line straightening. The forward cast is natural and noticeable and the loops drive ahead flat and parallel. A truly wonderful rod to cast. SA Wavelength Trout was my favorite line with this rod. This is an exceptional all around mid length trout tool.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
  3. I had the opportunity to take out two of the G Series rods on the river the other day, both the 884 and the 885. I found both rods to be stunning performers, but will focus my attention on the 884. Immediate impression was the lightness of the rod in hand. Swing weight is incredibly light and the flex profile is so smooth, throwing tight loops is a breeze. Given I was on the water, I wanted to test out a few different tactics, namely dry, dry/dropper and small double nymph rig. It handled all of the above superbly. Of course, the single dry test was awesome. It just feels so accurate in hand. This rod truly elevates your game. Dry/dropper was along the same lines as the single dry and even the nymph rig fished well. This rod also executed mends and roll casts incredibly well. One of the benefits of “on the water” testing. I fished this rod with the SA Trout taper line.

    Jason Moshonas (Telluride Angler)
  4. It’s been a long winter, more so for the folks at TA than for me 9hrs south. But between trips to a local ski mountain for ski patrol training, the Super Bowl, and the nemesis that is work, I dream, look at photos from last fall, and browse the TA website looking forward to the runoff slowing down and wet wading my way up countless creeks within a 60mi radius of Placerville. I picked up the GS 884 last Sept because I wanted to experience an improvement on the G2/M Series rods that preceded it. I wasn’t sure anything could beat the M884 I’ve been reaching for over the last 10 years. That rod has always fit me perfectly, regardless of the amazing qualities and endless fun of Scott’s 3 line glass rods that I also absolutely adore. Well Jim, you did it; and I know you don’t need someone like me telling you. John and the boys at TA have ALWAYS steered me right and in this case, I should’ve listened 2 years ago. The GS 884 is everything I’ve loved about the G2/M884 in a more stable, efficient package. Its accuracy and range are better and importantly without changing the stroke it takes to cast it. It’s like a reflection of myself, 15yrs ago: better tuned, more confident, efficient in its path and execution, and inspiring to those around it. It literally creates confidence and instills a sense of it not mattering what water you’re on, it’s there to back you up and give you the opportunity to be your absolute best. My son’s Centric 904 is pretty amazing and I’ve found myself tempted to try to be a “younger” man. But the moderate stroke of the G Series feels like I designed it myself and I feel at home and embraced by it rather than feeling like I need to live up to its expectations. I get an acknowledging grin from it rather than a side-glancing raised eyebrow. Scott’s G rods will always be my baseline and this one is better than previous iterations without disturbing that.

    Jeff Chang
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