Scott G Series 886-4


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Product Description

Scott G Series 886-4  fly rod

8’8″ 6-weight, 4-piece rod

The Scott GS 886-4 is the “Hopper-Dropper Special,” designed almost specifically for that purpose.  It will also handle a wide range of sinking lines and all but the heaviest streamers.


  1. The “Hopper/Dropper Special” will be a boat-fishing favorite for anglers who prefer the mojo of a 6-weight fly line when casting large dry flies or just about any dry/dropper rig. This rod feels similar to the others in the series, but should usually be fished with a shorter headed line, such as the Rio Gold, SA Titan Taper or SA MPX.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. The GS 886 is a noticeably more powerful fly rod than the other rods in the series. This rod had a smooth stability that inspired confident line control. Hopper dropper set ups out of the boat would be a dream with this rod. The GS 886 is an old school style trout rod with modern design and materials. I really like moderate 6 weights for fishing in the West, especially out of the boat. This rod has the bottom end to turn big fish in heavy current and throw large wind resistant dry dropper rigs. It features a soft enough tip for light tippet and an easy action that makes mending easy and intuitive. Another great guide stick for the working man on the oars. Rio Gold and SA Expert Distance lines were wonderful.

    Richard Post (The Telluride Angler)
  3. I purchased this rod for Hopper/Dropper fishing and have used it several times and it is a joy to fish. I have also used this rod for dry flies from my boat and it was fantastic. I have not wade fished with the rod as of yet. Not only is this rod fun to fish it is easy for beginners to use. I took my brother in law fishing who has limited experience. The 886 was easy for him to load and fish. He even landed a fat 23-inch rainbow, I was shocked on how much the rod flexed on the big fish but it handled it fine. I own an 883 and now after fishing the 886 the question is, do I get an 885 or 905 G Series? I fished Rio Intouch Gold with the rod and it was perfect for throwing big and small flies to the bank and loading the rod. I want to thank all the folks at the Telluride Angler for always being helpful and answering questions. This rod for a 6wt makes catching fish as small as 12 inches as fun as any 5wt I have fished while be able to throw big flies from the boat with ease.

    Jack Parker
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