Scott Meridian 8108 (2-piece 8-wt)


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Product Description

Scott Meridian 8108 Saltwater Fly Rod

8’10”, 8-weight, 2-pc rod

The Scott Meridian 8108 is ideal for anglers who prefer a 2-piece rod for bonefish, redfish, striped bass, largemouth bass or salmon.


  1. All of the 2-piece rods in this series are stiffer than their 4-piece brothers. They are incredibly uniform in action and true to their line weights. This will be to the liking of Florida Keys captains, who often prefer the most powerful rods available for clients casting in heavy wind. Unlike most of us, saltwater guides can get away with 1 and 2-piece rods because the rods live on their boats. I did compare the 2-piece Meridians with 1-piece rods from two other big time rod makers (both of which are carried by Telluride Angler). We found the 2-piece Meridians to be lighter in real weight, lighter in apparent swing weight and more powerful than any of the 1-piece competitors. In the final analysis, however, the extra stiffness in the 2-piece Meridians may not be an advantage to our customers. As a caster, I lack the physical strength to cast the stiffest saltwater rods such as the Sage Salt 12-weight and Loomis NRX 11 and 12. Some of my bigger, stronger friends in the industry prefer the stiffest rods available, but I personally get more power from a rod with a forgiving tip. The Meridian 4-piece rods are easy to cast. Meridian 2-piecers are also easy to cast, but not as easy as the 4-piece models. For myself, the 4-piece rods are a better choice.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
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