Scott Meridian 9010-4


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Product Description

Scott Meridian 9010-4 Saltwater Fly Rod

9’0″, 10-weight, 4-pc rod

The Scott Meridian 9010-4 is a giant caster with a powerful butt section, ideal for permit, striped bass, dorado, roosterfish and stealth tarpon fishing.


  1. The finest 10-weight Scott has ever made. Built on a similar taper to the 909-4, the 9010-4 rips out huge casts straight into the wind. Like the 908-4 and 909-4, the 9010-4 can handle the most vicious tip casts, forming bullet loops and sending the line head toward the horizon. Although it’s hard to overload the Meridian 10-wt, we preferred the casting action with a more gradual taper, such as the Rio Tactical Tarpon line. Short headed lines will load and launch, but it seems a waste to bypass the control and casting feel gained with a longer headed line.

    Line Recommendations: Rio Permit Taper, SA Tarpon Taper, RIO Tarpon Technical

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. Incredible lightness for a big rod with excellent touch and power in reserve. It feels like an 8 weight in the hand and through the casting stroke. I had the opportunity to try and break this rod on False Albacore out of Jupiter, Florida. I tried and failed. This is the easiest casting 10 weight I’ve thrown. That ease of casting translates into more productivity on the water for the fisherman. This isn’t a rod that will fatigue the caster allowing you to land more shots in the feeding zone over the course of a long day. Good lifting power but not as much meat in the butt section as some other 10 weights. The choice stick for big permit and Oceanside tarpon requiring a lighter touch and some finesse.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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