Scott Meridian 9012-4


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Product Description

Scott Meridian 9012-4 Saltwater Fly Rod

9’0″, 12-weight, 4-pc rod

The Scott Meridian 9012-4 generates more power per casting stroke than any other tarpon rod.  The 11 and 12-wt Meridians are extraordinary big game fly rods.


  1. Fortunately, the biggest horse in the barn is easy to ride. The butt section feels enormously powerful, but the Meridian 9012-4 still loads with progression. As a consequence, we had an easy time casting the rod over 100 feet into a stiff quartering wind. From our experience, 12-weights are usually powerful but rarely easy to cast. This rod will fall into almost every angler’s hands with equal comfort. With a typical heavy-headed tarpon line, it is so explosive that the whole casting process literally takes less time. This is part casting efficiency and part line speed.

    Lines: SA Tarpon (floating or sinking), RIO Tarpon Technical or standardard RIO Tarpon

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. A very smooth 12 weight with plenty of beef, this rod is another one that will help the caster fight fatigue over a day of fishing with a big rod. Not as light through the casting stroke as the 10 or 11, it still feels like a 12 weight, but it does not require the caster to muscle the rod through the cast to get it to load. I liked it better with longer headed tarpon lines than I did with shooting heads. Like the rest of the rods in the Meridian line this rod empowers you to carry line through the air. It threw the heavier shorter headed lines easily but felt the best with line with a longer rear taper.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
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