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Product Description

Scott Meridian 908-4 Saltwater Fly Rod

9’0″, 8-weight, 4-pc rod

The Scott Meridian 908-4 generates more line speed quickly than any rod we have ever cast.  Flats fishermen will deliver the fly from hand to the fish with fewer false casts and greater accuracy than with any other fly rod, bar none.


  1. Once again, we are stunned by the lightness of this rod. When casting on the lawn in Montrose, we compared the Meridian to the same model from several other rod makers. The Meridian is simply lighter, right out of the case. When casting, it feels ever more weightless, by comparison, because the caster is never challenged to load or unload the rod. It’s almost effortless. The SA Bonefish taper we used is ideal on this rod. The wading angler will find that maximum line speed is gained in the 40’-75’ range, the typical distance for bonefish and reds. We believe the Meridian will actually reduce false casts by as much as 1-2 whole strokes in delivering the fly on a typical shot. The key to the Meridian’s action is sensational “recovery speed.”

    It is also notable that the Meridian 908-4 responds to a wide range of casting techniques. Like most Scott rods, a long, smooth stroke will load the rod deeply for maximum distance. Amazingly, it is also a punchy tip caster. It’s really hard to throw a tailing loop with this stick. Push the tip as hard as you can and what do you get? 100-foot casts.

    Line suggestions: SA Bonefish and RIO Bonefish (but not Bonefish Quickshooter)

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. This rod sets the bar for saltwater 8 weights and it is a rod that is as friendly to the expert caster as it is the novice. Unreal lightness for an 8 weight, easy casting with supple smoothness and stalwart stability, this rod waits seems to always allow you to do a little more than you thought you could. I fished a prototype of this rod on Christmas Island for a week and my number one take on the rod was something I’d like to call “intuitive accuracy.” The rod laid down the fly and a 12 foot leader where I thinking it ought to land time and time again. This stick is tool for capitalizing on the first shot. Pair it with a very light reel and the Rio Bonefish WF8F or the Rio Permit WF8F. It throws heavier headed lines like the Rio Oubound or Rio Redfish effortlessly but you’re cheating yourself on the beautiful control of this rod with shorter headed lines.

    Richard Post (Telluride Angler)
  3. While I have had many opportunities to cast the Scott Meridian series on dry land, I recently found myself in the southern Yucatan armed with both the 8 and 9 wt models. I anticipated being very happy with the performance of these rods based on my dry runs, yet the on the water experience blew away any preconceived notions I may have had. I spent much of my time fishing from a paddleboard, which certainly comes with it’s own challenges, many of which demand making the first cast count before being blown across the Belizean border. I was casting predominately size 6 Gotchas with the 8wt and a combination of Clouser Minnows and crease flies with the 9wt. The rods cast equally well whether it was a 20 foot cast to a bonefish or a 60 foot cast from the beach trying to entice a cuda. Many anglers are looking for the fastest, stiffest rod they can find for the salt while we all know the majority of our flats shots fall into the 20 to 40 foot category. A saltwater stick that can consistently provide “dry fly” accuracy to tailing bonefish at 30 feet yet has the power and stability to reach out to feeding permit at 80 ft is hard to find. The design similarities in both models, with the ability to carry different line weights for specific conditions and targeted species, makes this series truly unique. It turns out, Scott has cracked the code. I still have a soft spot for my older version Scott S4S’s but the Meridian is truly the best saltwater series I have had the pleasure to fish.
    Line recommendations:
    Scott Meridian 8wt: SA or Rio Bonefish
    Scott Meridian 9wt: Rio Permit

    Troy Youngfleish
    Telluride Angler
    Scott Pro staff

    Troy Youngfleish (Telluride Angler)
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