Scott Radian 1257-4 Spey


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Product Description

Radian 12’6″ 7-weight, 4-piece 2-Handed Spey rod

The Scott Radian Spey 1257-4 is the classic Western summer and fall steelhead rod, ideal for mixed techniques with lighter and long-bellied lines, but still completely capable of tossing Skagit heads across your favorite river.  Radian Spey rods are lighter and quicker than the equivalent T3H models, ideal for “touch and go” casting and for anyone who prefers an uptempo 2-hander.  Swing weight is minimal and many anglers find these rods to be easier to handle than other 2-handers rods on the market.  They are almost effortless to fish and respond to a wide range of casting strokes.  The Scientific Anglers Ultimate Scandi Taper (UST) lines were designed specifically to cast on Scott Radian Spey rods with design input from Scott European Spey fishing community.


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