Scott Radian 854-4


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Product Description

8’6″ 4-weight, 4-piece fly rod

The Radian 854-4 is the first rod that we cast in the new series.  Instantly, we hoped the others would feel as light, crisp and refined as this one (fortunately, they do).  Equally adept at throwing small dry flies as small streamers, the Radian 854-4 is one of our favorites in the series.


  1. Before casting the Radian 854-4, I was confident that 8’6″ was just too short for a rod of this action. How wrong could I be? I own several mid-length 4-weights from various manufacturers, ranging from fast to very slow in action. The Radian is ultra-fast, no question, but the 854-4 casts the sweetest loops that have ever come from a rod in my hands, bar none. Making the 8’6″ rods in this series feel as good as the long ones is an incredible accomplishment. I was blown away.

    Line recommendation: SA GPX, GPX Textured Series, GPX Sharkskin or Rio Gold

    John Duncan, Telluride Angler
  2. I bought this rod after testing it on the spot from our German SCOTT dealer (ADH fishing) and it is my first Scott rod. They are more difficult to obtain here in Europe compared to other makes, but it was worth to go that extra path to get hold of one. I did test cast this model alongside with a HARDY ARTISAN and a HARDY JET in he same length and weight.

    Everything the Scott description says is true.

    The rod is pin-point accurate like a laser and sensitive. The speed does not come from stiffness of the rod blank but from its high recovery speed. Otherwise it is a very sensitive rod. The HARDY´s feel stiffer and submit less feel. I recommend a SA Trout Textured WF4 line with it. On the lawn it seems as the rod pulls out all the line on its own from the reel. With a fly tied on under fishing conditions you always have a subtle feeling wether it is a tiny midge, a large stimulator or a weighted boar nymph we fish here. And that is the major difference to other rods: You can always feel every load step during casting without looking at the line and its behavior. You can cast this rod with a book under your arm, with an opne or narrow loop etc. It will adopt to any style of casting too (over- underhand casts etc.).
    IMHO the best fly rod series out there for freshwater. The SCOTT rod Cosmetics are very high and the cork is very good too.
    This will not be my last SCOTT rod.

    Michael from Germany
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