Scott Radian 855-4


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Product Description

8’6″ 5-weight, 4-piece fly rod

The Radian 855-4 is a real sweetheart: light, crisp and balanced. We highly recommend this rod as an alternative to the 905-4 for anglers who fish small and medium sized rivers, or do most of their fishing from a driftboat.


  1. I deeply suspected that I would not like the 8 1/2 foot rods in this series. For that reason, I was most surprised by the 855-4. It’s just terrific. You won’t believe how light this thing feels and casts. It’s completely different from any other 5-wt I’ve thrown. There can’t be another 5-wt that casts this tight. I would choose this model for small water nymph and streamer fishing, as well as shooting hoppers into tight corners. On pure casting merits, it’s unequaled. Radians will not mend or roll cast as well as a G2, but tight loop casting offers superb control. The Radian 855-4 redefines “dart thrower.”

    Line suggestion: SA GPX, GPX Textured, GPX Sharkskin or Rio Gold

    John Duncan, Telluride Angler
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