Scott Radian 904-4


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Product Description

Radian 9’0″ 4-weight, 4-piece fly rod

The most versatile light line rod in the series, the Radian 904-4 is outstanding for both dry fly fishing and light nymphing techniques. This is also an excellent rod for alpine lakes and fishes a light streamer with ease.


  1. The 904-4 is one of the fastest action rods in the series. Believe me, that’s saying something. The rod casts fabulously at distance, but takes a little work to get going. The Radian 904-4 will be ideal for big water dry fly anglers on rivers such as the Missouri(!), Yellowstone and Green. Wading fishermen may wish to overline the rod. Not surprisingly, the loop shape is best with a conventional WF line, such as a GPX or Rio Gold, rather than a Rio Grand, SA Magnum, or other streamer-style line. When casting on the pond, I kept working out more line. This must be the longest casting 4-WT I’ve ever tried and would therefore make an excellent lake fishing rod.

    Line suggestion: Rio InTouch Gold, SA Amplitude MPX Taper

    John Duncan, Telluride Angler
  2. I purchased the 9 foot 4 weight Radian last autumn and have fished it maybe 8 times so far. All I can say is that this rod has put my S4 and G2’s in the dark. Matched with a Rio Gold line and my Rene Harrop edition Hatch this is the best trout and grayling set up I have ever fished. Super light in the hand, effortless accurate casts, even in windy conditions and unlike the older S4, playing fish is an absolute joy. I’m so impressed I’m only bothering to take the one rod to the river now!

    Graham macpherson
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