Scott Radian 905-4


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Product Description

Radian 9’0″ 5-weight, 4-piece fly rod

The Radian 905-4 is the cornerstone of the series, the rod around which all others were designed.  We can’t say enough about the power and feel of this fantastic fly rod.  In the words of guide Kris K. here at the Angler, “The 905-4 is just plain fun to fish.”


  1. Generally, I’m a fan of slower action rods, but I like my 5 and 6-weights fast because around here we fish streamers and nymphs on these line weights. Ultimately, I want my 9′ 5-weight to generate big power without wearing me out. The Radian 905-4 is the lightest 5-weight I’ve ever cast, both literally and in terms of how it feels. It comes into its own around 35 feet, but if I’m fishing shorter than that, I’m probably using a 3 or 4-weight, or a softer rod.

    Having cast hundreds of 5-weight models in my life, I will say this for the record: the Radian 905-4 is the best casting fast action 5-weight in the world. At the Vegas trade show, every independent caster came to the same conclusion. Fly fishermen live to disagree, but the opinion on this one is 100% unanimous.

    Line recommendation: Rio InTouch Gold, SA Amplitude Infinity Taper, SA Amplitude MPX Taper

    John Duncan, Telluride Angler
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