Scott Radian 906-4 FB


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Product Description

Radian 9’0″ 6-weight, 4-piece fly rod with Wells grip, anodized reel seat and fighting butt

The Radian 906-4 is the most powerful trout rod Scott has ever designed.  In hand, it feels two line weights lighter and casts with the ease of a natural casting stroke.  The line speed, distance and accuracy it generates, however, surpass any Scott rod we’ve ever thrown.

The Radian 906/4 FB comes with a Full Wells grip, anodized aluminum reel seat and 5/8″ fighting butt.


  1. Like the 906-4, this model is basically perfect. It is built on the same blank as the 906-4, but feels a tiny bit stiffer because the grip is mounted about 1″ further up the blank to allow the fighting butt to be attached at the bottom while still measuring an even 9′. Many anglers will be tempted to put an extra-heavy line on this rod, like the Rio Grand or SA Magnum Taper. I feel that it casts best with a conventional weight forward line, like a GPX or Rio Gold, because the rod generates so much line speed that it tends to dump the extra-heavy heads at the end of long casts. The GPX and Gold have slightly longer front tapers than those super-aggressive lines, so even at high speed they offer a nice measure of presentation. I have never cast a better 6-weight.

    John Duncan, Telluride Angler
  2. The Radian 906-4 FB is hands down my favorite 6 weight on the market. I own this rod and can’t say enough great things about it. It pairs best with an InTouch Rio Gold WF6F line. What really sets this rod apart is the combination of power and feel. It generates a lot of line speed with minimal effort. The feel of the rod in hand is unmatched from a weight standpoint. It is an easy casting fast action rod that fishes like a dream. I have yet to find another 6 weight rod that I enjoy casting and fishing as much the Radian 906-4 FB.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
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