Scott Radian 906-4


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Product Description

Radian 9’0″ 6-weight, 4-piece fly rod

The Radian 906-4 is the most powerful trout rod Scott has ever designed.  In hand, it feels two line weights lighter and casts with the ease of a natural casting stroke.  The line speed, distance and accuracy it generates, however, surpass any Scott rod we’ve ever thrown.


  1. The Radian 906-4 is one of my favorites in the series, probably because the 6-weight category is where I find the most purpose for an ultra-fast action rod. This model casts so easily, it’s ridiculous. I honestly believe that even an inexperienced caster will make the longest casts of his life with the Radian 906. It casts 80 feet same as 30 feet, just remarkable.

    I can’t overstate the lightness of this model. I’m a little guy with skinny arms. Casting heavy 6-weights tires me out, but I’ll be able to throw this one all day. When I got back from the Vegas trade show this morning, I ordered one for myself.

    Line recommendation: Rio InTouch Gold, SA Amplitude Infinity Taper, SA Amplitude MPX Taper

    John Duncan, Telluride Angler
  2. Took me a while to buy into the fast action class. As a long time fly fisher who grew up on whats now considered medium-action at best (read: slow), I wasn’t convinced I really needed anything more. My Scott M884 is fantastic and excels in 90% of what I love to fish and find myself on most often. But there’s something about casting ACROSS the Animas or into distant pockets up river; those areas call you, beg you to find out, but require repositioning or wading a little further than you’d like. The slower, more flexible rods can’t do this for you or at least, don’t do them very well, and tempt you to cast them too hard or run out a bit more line than they’re really designed for. I bought the R906 for this reason. I wanted to chuck things a little further, some of those things being large and heavy streamers into fast moving water. I also wanted something to toss microscopic double nymph rigs 60 feet without bombing them in there or causing them to slap the water. Its a combination of casting form/technique and the tool with which you do it. The Radian 906 COMPLETELY exceeded my expectations. I leaned heavily on Mr. Duncan’s glowing review and personal conversation with him regarding this very rod and what I wanted out of it. In no way, in any category could he have been more spot-on. This rod casts like a laser beam; without hesitation can I say that this is the most accurate, easiest casting rod I’ve ever experienced. Its power is subtle and deceiving. I found myself overshooting my target unintentionally which also found me losing flies because they hooked bushes I couldn’t get to. Kind of a bittersweet deal: I lost money on flies but good God, does this rod get them out there! Casting stroke for me was effortless and intuitive, I found it easy to transition from the slower action of the M/G2 series to this in the same day. It just feels natural and the accuracy is unbelievable. I looked where I wanted to put the fly, gave it a false cast or 2 to gauge distance, and bam. That’s where it went. Balances perfectly with my Hatch 5+. Fished this over 5 days last week on the San Juan (NM) and San Miguel rivers: SA Sharkwave GPX, 9′ 5X leaders and flouro 6X tippet, double nymph rigs, dry droppers, and dries. It all worked like a dream and I plan to pick up another one in the future for steelhead. Still can’t get the smile off my face…

    Jeff, Queen Creek, AZ
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