Scott Radian 958-4


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Product Description

Radian 9’6″ 8-weight, 4-piece fly rod

A classic steelhead rod, the Radian 958-4 is one of the best-casting single handed fly rods ever designed. You’ll reach the most distant lies with this powerful stick and have plenty of length to control your fly through the swing. The Radian 958-4 is also ideal for pike fishing and long-leader bonefishing.  The physical lightness of the Radian Series is a definite advantage in the 9 1/2′ and 10′ models.


  1. Maybe I had just cast too many fly rods, or maybe the line choice was not wise, but the 958-4 was not a standout in the series for me. It felt unexplainably heavier than any of the others, especially when compared with the other 9 1/2 and 10 foot models, all of which I loved. I’ll have to try the 958 again with some other lines. It throws with great power and accuracy, but lacks the pure sweetness of the other rods in this series.

    John Duncan, Telluride Angler
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