Winston Kairos 9′ 5-weight


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Product Description

Winston Kairos 9′ 5-wt, 4-piece fly rod, Cordura case and built-in liner

    • ACTION: Fast
    • SECTIONS: 4
    • GUIDES: Chrome nanolite stripper guide/Chrome plated snake guides
    • REEL SEAT: Black anodized aluminum engraved with Winston signature logo
    • STORAGE: Grey triangular Cordura tube embroidered w/ Winston signature logo


  1. Though I rarely fish mid-priced 5wt rods it always fascinates me to see how they cast. I was quite impressed with the Kairos. The first thing most anglers will notice is the weight, it’s slightly heavier than other options like the Scott Flex or Sage Pulse, but not by a significant amount. This rod is happiest from about 30 feet on, it was not the best in close, but not the worst by any means either. I really started to notice the power of the rod with about 50 feet of line out. I cast this with the SA Trout Taper which helped to quicken up the rod a bit, though the Rio Gold would also be a great option if you wanted to slow it down a tad. This is a great rod for anyone out there that wants a mid-priced 5wt with plenty of power and the familiar Winston feel.

    Parker Thompson (Telluride Angler)
  2. A mid-priced 5-weight should be versatile first and foremost. The Kairos 9′ #5 flexes evenly and casts reasonably well at almost any distance. It also roll casts and mends line very well across the board. It’s noticeably heavier than the comparable Pure or Air Series 5-weight, but that’s an expected compromise with regard to price. The tip weight is more evident at short distance. The rod feels and casts best in the 25′-50′ range, which, again, is appropriate to its length and line class. All-in-all, the Kairos represents the Winston brand quite well and will prove a useful tool on the water for all primary trout fishing techniques: dry flies, dry-dropper rigs, nymphing and streamers.

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  3. Got the chance to cast the 9′ 5wt Kairos from Winston today. The Kairos is the mid priced offering from Winston. First impressions were favorable, though it certainly had a much faster action than most other Winston rods. I think the fast action did take away from the rods feel in close, though it certainly handled the longer casts quite well. Swing weight was heavier than the higher priced Winston offerings, though not unexpectedly. We cast this with the Scientific Anglers Trout Taper WF5F line. It would be worth a cast with a Rio Gold line as well given the faster action of the rod. All in all, a good mid priced option for the cost conscious angler.

    Jason Moshonas (Telluride Angler)
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