Wraith 905F 9’0″ 5-wt 4-pc


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Product Description

Hardy Wraith 905F Freshwater fly rod

9’0″ 5-wt 4-piece rod

Blank: SINTRIX 550
Overall weight: 2.9 oz
Action: Ultra Fast
Snake Guides: REC Black Pearl Recoil
Stripping Guides:  Fuji Titanium
Handle:  Trout Western
Reel seat:  uplocking with hardwood spacer
Case and liner: heavy duty aluminum with partitioned cloth liner


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I must say that the Wraith 905 really impressed me. Hardy describes the rods as “very fast,” but I would call it “fast” by the standard of the Sage Method and Scott Radian, perhaps an 8 out of 10 in stiffness. It’s fast, but highly castable to any angler. Cleverly, the action of the Wraith is almost unique in our industry right now. It is faster than the NRX but slower than the Radian or Method. I found the Wraith to be most similar to the Sage ONE in basic casting cadence. The ONE may be more accurate, but the Wraith might offer better feel. The rod has spectacularly light swing weight. It’s light and feels even lighter. Casting loops come from the tip naturally and easily. With a Rio Gold, the rod offers both line speed and loop control in a tremendous range, from 25 feet to over 75 feet. To me, what really distinguishes the Wraith is the feel transmitted back to the caster. Most fast rods really aren’t as sensitive as slower ones, but the Wraith is an exception. As with the Zephrus, I don’t like the guides, cosmetics or name, but Wraith is an outstanding fly rod.

    Line suggestions: Rio Gold, SA Trout or SA MPX WF5 lines

    John Duncan (Telluride Angler)
  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I’ve never written a fly rod review before. This is mainly because the vast majority of rods are nothing like as good as the marketing hype that precedes them.

    1) I don’t know how much the rod weighs, and I don’t care, it’s all about feel for me, it feels light, very light. Excellent 10/10

    2) I don’t care if it’s termed ‘Fast’ or ‘Ultra fast’ because what really counts is not how the rod bends but how quickly it recovers. The blank recovers quickly but very smoothly. Excellent. 10/10

    3) For very short casts, say 20-30ft it’s on the stiffer side but still very workable for nymphs and streamers, a little too much horse power for dries at this range but ok. Good 8.5/10

    4) If this rod doesn’t put a smile on your face when casting in the 35-55ft range nothing will, it was like a drug, I just couldn’t stop going back for more. Excellent 10/10

    5) 60ft+, no problem at all, it’s got that hidden power thing going on, like the G Loomis NRX but better. Excellent 9/10

    6a) I have no affiliation with any rod manufacture. 6b) Can someone please tell me what the 8wt Wraith is like because if it’s anything like the 5wt I’ll happily sell a kidney to get one. Seriously, if anyone can tell me email me at: stevejamesweir@gmail.com

    Stephen Weir
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