Abel Rove Reels

The Abel Rove is an eye opener because it flies in the face of the modern trend to make reels as light and large arbor as possible.  These are plus sized reels for plus sized fishing.  Consistent with Abel’s claim, the heavy-bodied Rove will take a beating for decades before it quits and may easily be serviced in the field.  But is that enough to justify the physical weight?  And who needs such high backing capacity?  Answer:  anglers on a special mission.  The Rove is a great choice for switch and Spey rods, for example, where an 11′-14′ rod requires a reel that is 1-3 sizes larger than typical for its line weight.  Hang a Rove 5-7 on your 11′ 6-weight switch rod and you’ll have perfect balance.  Think outside the standard equation.  Wouldn’t it be nice to use a reel that simply won’t break?  On 9′ and 9 1/2′ rods, pair a Rove with the top end of the line weight range, or even higher.  For example, a Rove 5/7 takes 280 yds backing with a 5-wt line, so why not fish it on a 7 or 8-wt rod?  This is a tool.  Use it wherever it’s the right tool for the job.  Oh, by the way, they are really cool looking.

  • Partially ported frame for the perfect balance of sound, and visual appeal
  • Caged frame to prevent any possibility of line getting caught between the frame and spool  
  • High capacity, large arbor spool for single or two handed rods  
  • Structurally integral machining design to withstand the demands of the traveling angler    
  • Laser engraved fresh and saltwater flies on reverse side of drag plate that rotate as line is being retrieved
  • Quick change spool
  • Double pawl engagement on all sizes
  • User convertible drag system
  • Made in Montrose, Colorado, about 65 miles from Telluride Angler