One reel to rule them all.  This is the ultimate goal of the guys at Hatch Reels, located in Vista, California.  Armed with design and performance features uncommon in other products, these reels are creating a new standard for the fly fishing reel market.  Their unique stacked disc drag system made up of stainless steel and Rulon is incredible in its range, stopping power, smoothness and heat distribution, not to mention the fact that they’re some of the most beautifully machined reels on earth.  To quote the guys at Hatch, “You owe it to yourself to try one.”

Uniquely, Hatch makes only one series of reels:  the Finatic.  In its upgrade to Finatic Generation 2, Hatch fixed the few imperfections evident in the original reel.  Improved salt resistance in both the drag system and handle is coupled with an overall weight reduction in each model.  Finatic Generation 2 is so highly evolved that we hope for a glacial pace of change with these reels over time.

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