Ross Reels Evolution R Fly Reel

As a hometown dealer for Ross Reels, Telluride Angler has much at stake in the Evolution R.  A flagship Ross would make an enormous statement about the momentum of the fly fishing industry in Colorado, and about the fishing itself.  Telluride Angler has been fishing late prototypes of the Evolution R since October, 2016.  We are unequivocally impressed with this magnificent reel.  In both function and form, we’ve truly fallen in love.  An ideal match for our favorite freshwater fly rods, the Evolution R is so beautiful and pleasant to use that we argue about who gets to fish the prototype every weekend.  Soon, we will all own one (or more).

In the words of the Ross Reel Company, “The Evolution R is the culmination of our engineers’ and machinists’ artistic and technical prowess. It features a fully sealed carbon fiber drag with an industry-best power-to-weight ratio. Encased in a super lightweight frame, all models are less than 4.5oz. The innovative shape of the ultra-large arbor spool is engineered to force the even winding of the line across the face of the spool as it is retrieved – something never before seen in a fly reel.”

The technical precision of the Evolution R is matched by its allure.  Ross nails the details with the Evolution R:  the machining architecture, the intuitive and elegant frame-wide drag knob, the tensioning detentes and corresponding feel of outgoing drag, even the spool handle.  All are super high quality, completely unique and authentically Ross in design.