Tibor and Billy Pate Reels, manufactured by Ted Juracsik, are regarded among the finest overall fly reels in the world. We’re particularly fond of Tibor’s Signature Series models, which represent state of the art function and aesthetics in saltwater reels.  Tibor’s design philosophy is to build a reel with few moving parts and sufficient structural integrity to withstand years of abuse in saltwater and around boats.  Having spent a lifetime in saltwater fly fishing, Juracsik understands implicitly that his reels will be subject to hardship and neglect in the line of duty.  Heavy duty Tibor reels take a beating like no other.  The drag system is designed with proven materials and massive discs, the key to long term performance.  Tibor reels have landed more fly rod world records than any other maker.  Could there be better testimony to their quality?