Scott F2 Fly Rods

Scott F2 Series fly rods are a striking combination of new age materials and old world aesthetics.  These rods speak straight to the heart of the small stream angler, whether fished for their actions or the nostalgia of uncasing a truly classic fly rod.

Scott’s Fibertouch Series has been a cult classic for more than 20 years.  Rod designer Jimmy Bartschi made F2 models lighter in the tips than their predecessors without compromising the slow rod action that makes Scott glass rods our unconditional favorites for small streams.  Normally, a lighter tip results in faster action.  If anything, F2 rods are slower than their Fibertouch cousins.  The advances in fiberglass have arguably outpaced those in graphite over the last ten years.  Bartschi utilizes a new glass material with more unidirectional fibers that offers greater strength, stability and recovery speed than the previous material.  The rods feel noticeably lighter in the hand, especially when held parallel to the ground to compare tip weights.  Since the new fiberglass is superior, Bartschi uses less of it, resulting in a lighter rod that feels more connected to the fly line while casting.  The action is sublime:  slow, sweet and easy.  Action: MEDIUM SLOW

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