Scott Flex Fly Rods

The Scott Flex improves the popular A4 in every category of consideration:  action, power, lightness, feel, accuracy, range and the propriety of luxury in a mid-priced fly rod.  At the end of the day, Scott just puts more into mid-range rods than any other maker.  Many high end rodsmiths focus on limiting their mid-priced rods to create adequate distinction from their flagship rods.  Scott takes a different approach by packing as much quality into the blank and components as they can possibly afford.  The result is sub-$500 rods that consistently outclass their competitors.  The new Scott Flex raises the bar once again.  Action: medium-fast

The core models in this series are particularly impressive, including the Flex 854-4, 904-4, 855-4, 905-4 and 906-4, the last of which may be ordered with our without a fighting butt.  These rods handle a wide range of lines with equal ease and are both forgiving and versatile in their casting characteristics.