Scott Radian Spey Rods

Scott Radian Spey rods were developed to meet the demands of European anglers who prefer an extra-light rod with a quicker cadence than those designed specifically for casting Skagit lines.  As a result of its enormous popularity, the Radian Spey is now available to anglers worldwide through the Telluride Angler fly shop.  The qualities that make this rod so popular in Europe are also appealing in the U.S. Canada, Russia and everywhere in the 2-handed fishing world.

Radian Spey rods are lighter and quicker than the equivalent T3H models, ideal for “touch and go” casting and for anyone who prefers an uptempo 2-hander.  Swing weight is minimal and many anglers find these rods to be easier to handle than other 2-handers on the market.  They are almost effortless to fish and respond to a wide range of casting strokes.  The Scientific Anglers Ultimate Scandi Taper (UST) lines were designed specifically to cast on Scott Radian Spey rods with design input from Scott’s European Spey fishing community.

Componentry includes Scott’s proprietary downlocking heavy duty 3-mil spec hard coat reel seat with self-indexing hood and deeply knurled double lock rings.  Universal snake guides and titanium framed strippers with SiC inserts complete a truly premium Spey rod.

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