Nautilus reels began with a cult following of anglers who loved the look and feel of their unique reels.  The company turned fly reel design on it’s head by replacing cork and rulon drag systems with unique graphite disc drags that are completely sealed against the elements. No plastic. No cork. No problems. Nautilus reels are more versatile than many of their competitors because the completely sealed drag systems resist freezing in cold weather. This is a particular benefit in the Rocky Mountains, Northern Midwest, Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia and Russia, among other northern fishing climates.  Nor is salt corrosion a problem with Nautilus reels. There is no fear of one’s bonefish reel exploding half way though a week in the Bahamas.  Many professional captains who fish Nautilus reels simply leave them on the boat every night and don’t rinse them with fresh water.  On the trout side, we are very impressed with the ultra-smooth CCF drag and durable machining of these reels. Nautilus reels are built to last and covered by an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. Special colors: Nautilus Reels are available in an array of custom colors. Please inquire.