Nautilus Silver King Reels

Largest member of the CCF X2 family, Silver King offers the ultimate advantage in playing tarpon and other trophy gamefish:  a super tall, narrow spool that picks up line faster than any reel in the world.  5″ tall and only 1″ wide, the Silver King is built for speed.

When introduced at the 2014 ICast Show, the Silver King blew up the industry by winning “Best of Show” for both saltwater and freshwater reel categories.  The Best Freshwater Reel award seemed a nod to the home hero (ICast was held in Orlando), but the Spey contingency identified the Silver King as a perfect match for steelhead and salmon. Nautilus’s proven all-synthetic sealed drag doesn’t ice on cold winter days and the Silver King is the ideal size to balance 12.5′ – 14′ Spey rods.