Nautilus NV-G Reels

Among the finest reels on the market, the Nautilus NV-G (Giga) gives you maximum drag in a weight saving package constructed from ultra modern materials. NV-G reels feature a larger version of the graphite-on-graphite CCF drag system, including a titanium drag shaft loaded with ceramic micro bearings. Virtually all stainless steel mechanisms have been replaced by ceramic and titanium in this reel, leaving nothing to corrode in the salt. A “thrust bearing to thrust bearing” design allows the spool to free spin on the retrieve, delivering the sensational feel of perfectly machined parts spinning effortlessly. By downsizing components such as the low-profile drag knob and increasing the disc drag surface area by 50%, the NV produces maximum drag while reducing overall reel mass to become the lightest reel in its competitive class. Like all Nautilus reels, the NV-G’s drag system is completely sealed from the elements.

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