Lamson Cobalt Reels

The Lamson Cobalt was one of the most exciting new products at the 2017 Fly Tackle Dealer Show.  The drag system is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.  The tensioning mechanism is a mega version of Lamson’s conical carbon drag sealed by self-lubricating o-rings.  The drag knob has a pleasing single-rotation range with 1/2 pound detentes that are numbered for easy drag preference setting.  We loved the look, feel and usefulness of this design.

Most convincingly, however, an independent lab tested the drag’s waterproofing to 100 feet.  That is a stunning result and completely unprecedented field test in our industry.  Good job, Lamson!

Not surprisingly, the frame and “Super Arbor” spool are also unique.  The spool is asymmetrically designed to create a counterweight effect without a separate counterweight.  It spins magnificently on a fixed spindle around high-precision ball bearings, lending a feeling of fineness to the regular function of the reel.

Lamson’s proprietary Micralox finish is as hard as a Type III anodize, but with 20 times the salt protection.  The Cobalt is built to last, and you’ll love it every time you fish.


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