Waterworks Lamson

Waterworks Lamson designs the most technologically sophisticated fly reels in the world. The Force Series are the lightest reels in their respective line capacity classes. Lamson’s best selling reel, the Lightspeed, combines a lightweight body with a clever conical drag system that reduces startup tension to nil and offers an incredible range of resistance. This is a plus, whether you’re protecting 7x tippet or trying to stop a surging tarpon.  The Cobalt is a convincing saltwater reel with a truly innovative drag system.

Part of Lamson’s allure lies in their priority for innovation.  Lamson is an “original thinker” in the fly reel market.  Their reels look and feel different from others.  With this mission, Lamson consistently creates reels that do certain things better than any other reel.  For example, the Force SL is the lightest full drag reel in the world. (Lamson has owned this distinction for over 10 years).  Another great example is the Speedster, which offers the angler a much larger arbor without a higher price tag.  Lamson fans will take great interest in the Cobalt, a saltwater reel that combines Lamson’s innovative edge with the proven characteristics of reels that are built to last in the most demanding environment.