Sage X Fly Rods

Sage X Rods combine proprietary technologies in a rod that offers more power with less casting effort than any previous Sage fly rod.  “KonneticHD” organizes the carbon fibers from tip to butt, allowing the rod designer, Jerry Siem, to use less material in creating a more powerful and stable fly rod.  A new resin further lightens and toughens the blank.  We know that sounds like marketing speak, but there is no caster on the planet that would cast the X Series and come to any other conclusion.

As lifelong anglers of Sage fly rods, our staff believe that the standout characteric of the X Series is the progressive nature of the casting action.  Almost all past Sage rods have cast with an easily detected flex point, loading to a certain depth in the blank, then stiffening noticeably.  For this reason, Sage rods have been considered “timing oriented” by some casters, fitting better with certain casting styles than others.  The X Series transcends action preferences with even flex regardless of line length.  This is a quality sometimes found in medium action rods, but almost never in fast action sticks.  Consistency of loop shape, loop control, line speed, accuracy and turnover are all NOTICEABLY SUPERIOR in the X Series, all with less effort from the caster.

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