Sage, the world’s leading fly rod producer, drives the industry with high performance, innovative fly rods for the modern angler.  In recent years, Sage has developed some of the finest touch-oriented fly rods on the market to complement its famous fast action rods.  R8 Core, Igniter and Salt HD are the flagship rod lines, but we also strongly recommend the Trout LL and Dart for dry fly fishing and smaller waters.

New Sage rods are almost always the lightest and toughest in their class.  This is evidenced throughout the Sage fly rod line, from ultra-powerful SALT HD saltwater rods to the R8 and Trout LL freshwater rods.  When Sage introduces a fly rod, you can be sure that it represents the limits of modern fly rod design capability.  Proprietary Konnetic HD Technology, which optimizes fiber placement for blank stability and weight reduction, is now utilized throughout the top tier of Sage fly rods.