Mid-priced Trout | 9′ 5-weight G.Loomis and Lamson outfit


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Product Description

G.Loomis IMX Pro V2 590-4
Lamson Guru S 5+ reel
SA Mastery Infinity WF5F line

When we talk “bang for your buck” in trout fishing, this fly rod and reel are the epitome.  You could fish these for decades without realizing you had saved some serious money while enjoying the performance of a medium-fast 5-weight that casts with the finest rods on the market and excels in all of those on-the-water techniques that elevate certain rods above the rest, including roll casting, line mending and protecting delicate tippet.  Even more importantly, the IMX Pro V2 is a fly rod that helps its user become a better angler and supports the development of all-water techniques.  The Lamson Guru S is probably the all-time winner for performance and durability in a sub-$400 fly reel, checking all the boxes for design and quality craftsmanship that we expect in the very best fly tackle.


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